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Corporate events, launches and functions

The Ulster String Quartet is skilled at working with event organisers to assist in creating the right atmosphere for a corporate function.

We can draw from a broad repertoire of classical favourites to create an atmosphere of sophisticated formality at such occasions. Alternatively, we can launch into a lively selection of popular show tunes, Scott Joplin ragtime music and traditional jazz from the large selection at our fingertips!

The Ulster String Quartet is most commonly requested to provide a combination of these contrasting possibilities. For example, we might begin formally with a selection of Baroque and Classical arrangements - perhaps Bach's Brandenburg Concerti or Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite - before proceeding to Ravel's charismatic Bolero and Di Capua's O Sole Mio, a relaxing selection of Gershwin and Cole Porter favourites and a rousing rendition of Bart Howard's Fly Me To The Moon!

This type of programme can provide a light-hearted conclusion to the event, or could also act as a bridge leading on to other festivities such as a late-night disco.